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Fall Maintenance Tips 


We’ve created a list of ways to check-up on your home this fall to make sure that you are prepared for the upcoming winter. Now is the best time to check for both major and minor repairs that may be needed before old man winter blows in! Here are just some of our favorite fall maintenance tips:

♦ Check your roof for summer storm damage – We were lucky enough to not be hit with too many strong storms this summer, but make sure you check for leaks, signs of water damage, or noticeable wear and tear. These warning signs could prevent a major claim later this winter.

♦ Clean your gutters – Those beautiful leaves will come down, and more than you’d like will land in your gutters! Keep your gutters clear during the fall season to prevent buildup and back up. Come wintertime, cleared gutters greatly assist with the melting snow accumulating on your roof, alleving the weight of the snow and helping to prevent damaging ice dams.

♦ Inspect caulking – Check around doors and windows for any signs of deterioration, and make necessary repairs to keep out the chilly temperatures. While you’re at it, check around your bathtub, shower and sink too!

♦ Chimney prep – Take the necessary steps to ensure that your chimney will be functioning safely, such as hiring a company to thoroughly clean and inspect it. On a related note, use this opportunity to test the smoke detectors in your home.

♦ Install/test generators – All too often people are left scrambling after the first major storm to replace or install a generator for their home. Do it now – it’s easier than doing it in a cold and powerless home! While you are at your local hardware store, perhaps pick up an extra shovel as well.

♦ Heating system overview – Take a few minutes to check your heating system, make sure all vents and air filters are clean and that everything is working correctly. Clear away any debris that may have accumulated near a furnace or hot water heater, and look for any pipes that may need some extra insulation. 

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