Emergency First Steps


Immediate First Steps

Address any medical emergencies immediately. 

Take as many pictures as you can of the damaged property. Do not put yourself in danger to take these pictures. Do not worry about getting ideal quality if the elements are creating more damage, a few pictures from a camera phone will go a long way!

Do all that you can to prevent further damage to your property, but do not make any permanent repairs until and adjustor can come out for an assessment.


First Steps for Reporting

Report the claim directly to your insurance provider, or to Roberta at Chase and Lunt Insurance.

Save any receipts or invoices on costs that you incur throughout the repair process.

Call Roberta at 978-225-6351 if, at any point, you have any questions or you feel that the process is not moving along the way you would expect. Her job is to act on your behalf. 


Do you have a Glass Claim?

We have streamlined our Glass Claims proceedure to get your glass claims resolved even faster.
Call 844-603-0693 for one stop glass claim filing and resolution.  


We outline what you can expect during a typical claims process here.


• Email Roberta for answers to your most urgent claim questions.


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